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Driving a Greener Future
with Blockchain & NFTs

Directly investing in RDF factories through NFTs: A win-win for you and the environment.

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Bridging the
Real and Digital Worlds

Purchase an NFT: Your journey begins with the acquisition of an NFT, your ticket to eco-conscious investment.

Fund RDF factories: Your NFT purchase directly funds RDF factories, enabling them to process waste and reduce CO2 emissions.

Earn profits: As the factories prosper, you do too. Enjoy weekly profits from your direct investment.

Our Technology in Detail

Converting Waste into Resources

Waste Collection

We take a proactive approach to managing waste. Our dedicated teams collect various types of waste, including domestic, commercial, industrial, and agricultural waste, as well as wood remnants. By diverting waste from landfills, we start the process of turning refuse into a resource.

Transformation into RDF pellets

The collected waste undergoes a comprehensive treatment process at our specialized facilities. The waste is sorted, dried, and then transformed into Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) pellets. These pellets are high in calorific value, making them an efficient source of energy.

Pyrolysis burning

Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) pellets undergo pyrolysis, an oxygen-limited, high-temperature process that efficiently reduces emissions while producing versatile clean energy, usable for electricity generation, heating, hot water production, and even summer cooling systems.


Find out what investors appreciate most
about ENGC

Green Returns

Dual benefit of financial gains and environmental impact.

Innovative Technology

Leading in waste transformation and blockchain integration.

Trust and Security

Providing transparent and secure investment platform

Uncover Your Earning Potential with ENGC

Investment opportunities tailored for everyone

Weekly Capital Accumulation

Earn £10 per week over a 5-year period with ENGC token activation, accumulating wealth step by step.

Referral Bonuses

Earn bonus ENGC tokens by inviting other users to join our NFT platform.

NFT Value Bonuses

Depending on your NFT purchase value, earn additional ENGC bonus tokens.

Dividend Earnings

Receive weekly dividends from the profits of our pellet factories and energy transformation modules.

Long-Term Growth Potential

As ENGC grows, so does your investment with the increasing value of our tokens.

Navigating the Path to a Greener Future

Our roadmap: Where we are and where we're headed

Phase 1 - Conceptualization and Development

  • Initial project conception.
  • Team assembly and planning.
  • Begin development of the ENGC app and website.
  • Draft the project's whitepaper.

Phase 2 - Community Building

  • Launch the ENGC website.
  • Create and engage an online community.
  • Establish a beta testing group..
  • Mint the initial collection of 6000 NFTs.

Phase 3 - App Testing and Refinement

  • Launch the beta version of the ENGC app.
  • Gather user feedback and perform necessary refinements.
  • Implement the 90% discount on NFTs and tokens for the testing period.

Phase 4 - Token Transfer

  • Successful beta testers transfer their tokens to the base version.
  • Ensure a 1-to-1 token transfer from testing to base version.

Phase 5 - Waste Processing System Implementation

  • Initiate waste collection and transformation into RDF pellets.
  • Begin pyrolysis burning process.
  • Monitor and refine system operations to ensure efficiency.

Phase 6 - Investment Expansion

  • Establish and expand pellet factories.
  • Facilitate the sale of NFTs to fund the construction of these factories.
  • Set up an automated system for weekly dividends from factories' profits.
  • Promote trading of NFTs and ENGC tokens on app marketplace and decentralized exchanges.

Join Us in Pioneering Green Investments

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